THE project

The Masurian Center for Biodiversity and Nature Education in Urwitałt project envisions the modernization of the Field Station of the Faculty of Biology of the University of Warsaw in a way that extends the existing offer related to environmental education. We want to become a recognizable point on the map of Masuria, involved in the region through both educational activities and active protection of natural resources. The planned Center is to become a platform for cooperation between various centers, which will jointly shape the future in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. The project also envisages specific activities related to the active protection of nature. We want to improve water conditions, which have deteriorated dramatically in recent years. Consequently, the planned activities are to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of protected species and the restoration of valuable natural habitats.

Tourism, nature and us

The Warmia and Mazury region is one of the most valuable areas in Poland. Thanks to the well-preserved natural values, one of the main areas of the voivodeship development is tourism. In recent years, the development of tourism has been very visible with the number of tourists growing every year. The growing popularity of the region puts nature under a lot of pressure, which can result in the destruction of the environment. To avoid this and allow for further further development of tourism based on natural values, acting in line with the principles of sustainable development must be a priority.

Nature conservation

The main goals of the project of the Masurian Center for Biodiversity and Nature Education in Urwitałt are:

  • Nature conservation by raising ecological awareness at the local, regional and national level
  • Nature conservation by popularizing knowledge about the natural environment of Warmia and Mazury
  • Nature conservation actions, which aim to improve water conditions in the vicinity of Lake Łuknajno

Education Centre and its exhibition

The Interactive Science Center aims to embody a modern exhibition that will present organisms and processes occurring in the surrounding environment. This exhibition will showcase the nature of Warmia and Mazury and its relationship with humans. The main theme of the exhibition will concern small water reservoirs and wetland ecosystems. The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship has a special potential to present the significance of such places.

Visitors will find modern exhibits that will introduce them to the subject of water and mud in an accessible and interesting way. Moreover, the display will contain attractively arranged aquariums and terrariums presenting selected animals in an environment that is as close to the natural as possible.

This project has already been appreciated by being included in the Great Masurian Lakes 2020 Strategy as a key investment for this region, it was also qualified in Regional Operational Program of the voivodeship Warmińsko-Mazurski as an out-of-competition project.